How To Get Lucky Egg In Ultra Sun

Here s how you can get a free lucky egg in the game and give it to your team.

How to get lucky egg in ultra sun. The lucky egg remains to be an invaluable item in pokémon ultra sun and pokémon ultra moon that when held by a pokémon will see them gain 50 percent more experience than they normally would. Pokemon ultra sun and ultra moon are now available on 3ds. Pokemon sun and moon is finally available on the nintendo 3ds.

How to get a lucky egg in pokemon ultra sun moon and pokemon sun and moon. It s therefore sought after to help players level their team to take on the battle tree a place where trainers that have completed the island challenge or are strong enough to have done so. The lucky egg is one of the most essential items that pokemon pros and veterans are using in order to strengthen and improve their pokemon s skills faster and easier.

First way that most everyone knows about is after you have caught and registered 50 pokemon talk to professor kukui in his lab and he will give you one for free. If you want more than that the only way to obtain more is by farm. Here s what you need to know to get your hands on a lucky egg and what it does.

Lucky egg location in pokemon sun and moon.

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